151218 Day 18

약 하나 끝났어용 🙌🐤

A Smol Bit

This is R. writing. Also, sometimes I like to address myself as june. Asian.  I live in tropical country. A summer child. INTP personality. AB blood type. A Gemini. UK size 35-36. I speak English, Bahasa, also a little bit of 한국어 and Sundanese.

I resist heat better than cold I guess. I like the city for its simplicity and practicality. I prefer beach over mountains I can't swim for god's sake and I love mountain's fresh air but it could be too cold sometimes. I don't really like taking selcas and most of my SNS accounts doesn't have my face as its display picture. I have all sort of SNS accounts but I don't update much except on Twitter. I prefer texting over calling and I actually really hate it when people call me like can't you just text???.


I'm quite a private person, an introvert also. I will only open myself to people who are really close to me, to people I trust. I keep a lot of things to myself because I either don't trust people or I don't want people worry about me.

I don't usually start a conversation unless I really want to talk to that person /that/ badly or I really have something to ask. I'm not the kind to pry my friends to talk because I believe if they want to tell me they will tell me. I don't have a lot of friends but I'm really okay with it. I prefer having small group of friends who really knows me, who are really close to me, who can accept me just the way I am, who I can trust and talk anything with.

I don't have difficulties in going around, eat, watch movies and doing all sort of things by myself. Sometimes I found it fun even! Because I can just go to where ever I want and look around, eat or do all the things I want. I really need this sort of Me Time every once in a while. But that doesn't mean I dislike going out with my friends.

I put logic over feelings or emotions most of the times. But sometimes it comes off as I have no empathy and cruel because of my bluntness. Well I might as well do. But sometimes it's just because I really don't know how it feels or I can't relate with it therefore logical solution is what I seek. I really have difficulty with pacifying my friend who is crying, I'm super awkward and it just doesn't sound sincere even to me.

Feelings could be wrong. Feelings could make you can't see of what's actually right and wrong. Feelings could be a huge force. Feelings is strong, it can move people but vulnerable. That's why I refrain myself from indulging so much into feelings. Some people said I don't have feelings that I guess partly true. But even though I don't have much feelings, I'm also the kind who fell deep in thoughts at night and draw all of it vividly inside my head.

Although I always said I put logic over feelings in my thinking process, I believe I have strong guts regarding people. Even at the first meeting I can feel whether this person is a good kid or whether s/he will do things I dislike later. And it usually comes true so I trust my gut feelings.

Again, though I believe I should not prioritize my feelings, I tend to remember things or people who do things to me that I find dislikeable and will always remember what they do. It's not a good thing I know, but when someone lost my trust I think I will never trust them anymore. I forgive and have an okay relationship with them but I will remember and never trust them things anymore. I'm really hateful I know.

I'm quite observant. I like observing people but I'm really forgetful so it seems like I don't really care sometimes. I like to see things differently. I usually works out the chronological order first before I can decide who's in the wrong, the solution etc. But also because I let really small amount or even nothing of feelings when I read a case it sometimes sounds so judgmental and cruel.

I like it when everything is within my reach therefore my bed usually has everything; charger, milk, drinks, snacks, etc. (don't ask about the tidiness what tidiness) I don't like to clean, washing clothes or dishes, I basically hate doing chores. I really hate being told to do something several times. I'm not active and I don't do exercise, I like lying down and do nothing. I can even just lie around on my bed doing absolutely nothing without even eating much for a whole day (proven).

I dislikes people with no manners, who are not considerate, smokers and those who do things not at its rightful place. I'm easily irked with people who are not mindful of others especially at a public place. Mind you it's not your house you need to be considerate of others and keep the place clean. Hence, I always try my best to keep my manners and hold back myself to be more considerate of others.


I don't really watch movies unless I'm suddenly in the mood or the movie is something I was expecting. I like going out with my friends for foods or karaoke. Window shopping is a stress reliever. I don't really shop things like clothes, bags, shoes unless I really want it but I can never hold back on food. I think a lot when I shop and I calculate a lot too but when it's about food I can never, there goes my money.

Another stress reliever for me is watching Korean varieties. They're seriously so funny! Godjaesuk manse!

I listen to mostly Korean songs. But of various genre like pop, hip hop, r&b, ballad. I also listen to several Korean indie artists and bands. I'm really, really unaware of western pop music or mainstream music like don't ever ask me about 1D or JB I know next to nothing about them. All I ever listened to is old pop songs and Maroon 5.

As you might aware of it yes I'm following certain fandom in the cough Kpop cough scene. If you might aware the concept of idol group, I'm currently following the idol group called EXO, while you're at it please look them up. While a lot Koreans think only teenagers follow idol groups, I'm actually caught up in the world despite my age. I can even went a lil bit touchy when someone talk bad or telling things that is not true about my idol. Irrational I know, while a lot of people question "why did you do so much for your idol they don't even know you're exist", but to me they're just so precious. It feels like I had real connection with them and I want to protect them from any harm. Because EXO, through their songs, stages, varieties has accompanied me through my rough and hard times. As a person they are undoubtedly inspiring, they set a good example and motivate me to be a better person. Through following EXO I also met great people, new friends, saw amazing works, earned skills that actually needed in my uni life and the list goes on. Through the fandom I learned a lot thus I can't help but disagree at the words "following idol is only a waste of time and money", it really depends on how you follow them.

I write fictions, purely for self enjoyment. I never post my stuff anywhere. I write since elementary school, seems like this is one of my never stopping habit. If I were to collage all of my stuffs I don't know how many books it will sorted into. When I was little I wrote on books everything was hand written so nostalgic. Though I write for quite some time I don't think my writing skills is improving or anything. I always write incoherently like I'm throwing everything and hope it flows to the right way by itself.

But I'm not the kind who can write how I really feel. I'm all amazed reading my friends' blogs which filled with deep thoughts and feels. I still don't get how people can write them and prettily even. My word choices is suck and writing your own ~feelings~ sounds really corny to me, I don't think I'll finish one paragraph without getting my toes curled up. Well maybe it is true that I don't have feelings. But!!! I'll try to write through this journal to humanize myself. I hope I don't curls away and die.

Also just because I like writing doesn't mean I read a lot. I don't read a lot of books, fictions, novels like my friends, I prefer reading manga. I only read short fictions sometimes and it's all the proven amazing fandom works. I read all sorts of genre with all sorts of rating. But I'm not really fond of pure romance and thriller or horror stories. I dig more on fantasy, war, stories revolving around a kingdom and also crack or comedic lightweight stories.

I believe I self learn a lot of things. Google is my best friend. Two of the most successful and really useful are my photo editing skills sharpened through mock ups and tutorials, and my 한국어. Both are what I learned through the fandom. I'm a Gemini and I really lack in focus or perseverance. I love to start learning or doing something but never really see the end of it.


I drink milk everyday ever since elementary school, it's also a habit I can never seem to stop to the extent that everyone around me knows. Seems like I'm always hungry but well I /am/ always hungry. I'm extra tiny and I don't usually eat a lot in one serving, I eat a little but continuously snacking around. Potato chips is my favorite snack (doesn't make you full but that's why exactly people invented snacks), also fries, wedges, hash brown, I love everything potato. I can't eat something that is too sweet, therefore I'm not too into desserts like most people. I like salty or spicy foods! I love foods with rich taste or thick soup. Also, I don't eat pig meat, fish, seafood, boiled egg and scallions.

When I was a kid I dislike iced beverages and soft drinks but since I grow older my healthy preference slowly fade away. I can't drink Cola a lot but I like drinking it lol. I used to really like lemon tea but now I can't live without hot sweet jasmine tea. I also like teh tarik and matcha. Basically I love everything that is based on tea or milk. I'd love to eat coffee but my body is not accepting it well. It will keep me awake like all night and made my heartbeat went faster, it actually scares me sometimes. Who needs energy drink? Coffee is enough for me. I won't drink coffee unless I really, really need it.

Cries my incoherent-ness strikes again. I think I unconsciously turned this into a very long and unnecessary facts about me meme. I'm not even sorry.

Until next time.

Eventually, hello

I'm like three years late because wow I had just realized I made this in 2012?????? How????? When????? I don't even remember how did I made this. Maybe that also mark my introduction to the fic world, to the fandom. Yes. So,

this is R., the landlord of the page.
I was introduced to the hella amazing world of fics here in lj maybe around 2012 since the fandom I follow started growing up around that time.
But!!! I planned to make this space as more of my personal blog (since my t*mblr is all over the place and I ain't gonna write on bl*gsp*t nope). I also love the clean cut and simple layout of the journal. I will write in either English or Bahasa. So please bear with my whiny rants and insecure talks.

Until next time.


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